The Y&R Group is Hungary’s leading integrated communication company. For the last three years we have been named Agency of the Year on the prestigious M+List, an index of the international creative and efficiency prizes won by the country’s agencies. We’re the only company in Hungary that has won three Cannes Lions at the most prominent creative event of the world.

Since our foundation in 1989, we’ve brought several subsidiaries to life, all of them doing the most diverse range of communication work. One of these is Labstore, which focuses on shopper marketing and service design. Wunderman, on the other hand, is mainly concerned with databased CRM and digital content creation, and BAV Consulting is our marketing and brand consulting company.

Our tools

Thanks to our unique research tools – such as BAV and eXploring – we are amongst those who really count in Hungary as we have exact knowledge about the consumer’s thoughts about a given brand. The BrandAsset-Valuator (BAV) the world’s largest and longest running qualitative branding research that has been running for 20 years in 50 different countries, producing empirical data by asking 800 thousand people. These have proven to be historically accurate according to our backlogs. The data clearly shows how different brands grow and develop, or – in some cases – decline.

We are building “Cultural Capital”

We believe that the strongest international companies – such as our mother company – employ, by definition the agencies with the largest and widest social network. The reason behind this is that the consumers are buying the products in a local, national market, long-lasting relationships between brand and consumer are always built on site. The local branding, the local market and experience are always deciding elements.- (I’m a bit confused in what you want to say here)
We can only gain respect in such a large, global company as Young and Rubicam by amassing the largest local knowledge. As sports and food are part of the local culture, so is consuming, that’s why we can talk about “consumer culture” at all. This is why we try to weave the brands we manage and build into the larger fabric of culture. People should speak about our brands; we not only want to create consumers, but also fans.

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