Good Copy Wanted @ VMLY&R

Good Copy Wanted @ VMLY&R

Yep, the thing is, that we need a good copy, who writes good copy. Who already has at least 2 years of experience in this mad and ever-changing industry. Who loves to write all sorts of things: headlines, scripts, slogans, but most importantly creative concepts. We need a copywriter, who isn’t just talented in writing all those things, but who feels the urge to stand up and sell it all to our beloved international clients.

In return you’ll be given truly competitive salary, international clients, opportunity to present your ideas abroad from time to time, opportunity to build your portfolio with award-winning ideas, chill and open-minded colleagues and a Buda-based office above MOM shopping mall. Sound awesome, right?

Oh, btw if you happen to┬áhave an awesome pixel magician mate who you love working with, don’t hesitate to bring him or her on the interview as well. We’re more than open for creative pairs.

If you felt those butterflies in your stomach, reach out to us at

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